The Spice Chambers

8 Winter Street

Keene, NH, 03431


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  1. We are VERY excited about having a good Indian Restaurant here in Keene. We have been known to travel hours for a good curry. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see us once a week!

  2. Fantastic. The Tandoori lamb chops are from heaven. I have been in love with Indian food since growing up in England and I know a good one from an average – the spice chambers rivals the best that London has to offer. If you want fast food you have plenty of other choices. If you want great food with excellent service that you can linger over then come here. I might just have to hold back and only come here once a week!

  3. Hi! I am very excited about your restaurant! It says on your home page that you have vegan options, but they are not indicated on the menu. Which items are vegan? Thanks!

  4. We will arrive bit later for Tonight’s Diwali Celebration between 4:30 -5pm. Looking forward to the light, music, dancing and food!

  5. The moment we walked in the waiters were smiling each time we went there. I don’t know where to begin everything is so good, naan heavenly, rice fluffy with some nice spices or vegetables , chutney flavorful but not over powering, meat tender or fall of the bones and the most impressive was the walking buffet we did on new years. I put small spoons of every thing on the plate and eat as the buffet was set up. So impressive, the flavors developed, from an incredible aroma to bold flavors. Nothing was spicy but when you eat from there regular menu you can eat it spicy. The glass of champagne was charming and festive on new years eve. It is just getting better each time we visit and eat.

    Atmosphere, come in and you smell the spices, warm, welcoming, lovely old building, and not loud.
    Love everything about this restaurant but most of all compliments to the chef.

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